Friday, 4 September 2009

How to use Facebook via text from any mobile phone

A large number of mobile phone users have smart phones, some of them aren't even aware of it. Nearly every smart phone has a Facebook app, some of them are really good, like the one recently released for the iPhone. Sadly, the BlackBerry Facebook app still needs some work and is a bit slow, at least on a 8310 Curve.

But what do you do if you need to use Facebook from a non-smart phone (dumb phone)? Facebook has enabled a feature called Facebook Mobile, which name is a bit confusing. It allows you to receive updates via text message to your phone.

It's as simple as that - you just have to verify your phone number, choose what kind of updates you want to be notified about and you're ready to roll. You can also select timeslots in which texts will not be sent to your phone, so you aren't waken in the middle of the night just because someone likes your picture, and has to express it.

Oh, and the service is free, so why not give it a go. (inb4 burden of proof)