Tuesday, 25 August 2009

How to fix a wrong unread message count on a BlackBerry

This is a quite common issue for BlackBerry users, sometimes the smart phone will fail to accurately display the unread message count. As a consequence it will show an envelope with an number at the top of you home screen (this also depends on the theme you are using).

Here are the steps to go through:

1. Check if you haven't got any unread messages that you might have saved.
2. Check if you haven't got any unread messages
3. Reconcile your inboxes
4. Delete entries in your call log
5. Battery pull (not simulated battery pull using QuickPull, it will not work)

If this doesn't help seek help on forums such as CrackBerry or just Google the issue, there are multiple things that can trigger this issue.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Twitter not releasing inactive usernames

I always wanted to have the @sav Twitter handle but it was taken. Using advice form Zee of TheNextWeb.com I've contacted Twitter, that claims on their website that they release unused twitter user names.


I'm currently using @savocado as my twitter username and I would like yo
change it to @sav

The user that has @sav hasn't tweeted for over 2 years.

I have heard that in some cases you release a unused twitter names.
Please let me know if this could be done, and if there is any additional
info that you would require.


A minute later I got an automatic response.

Hi Sav,

You can change your user name at any time here:

Your messages, replies and content will not be affected, but we do recommend that that you let your followers know about the name change with a tweet.

Twitter is not currently releasing inactive user names. Unless your user name issue involves Terms of Service violations, you'll have to wait until all inactive user names are released. We're working on a better long term solution for this, and we should have more news soon.

* If your user name request concerns impersonation, trademark infringement, copyright, or another Terms of Service violation, please submit a request to the Terms of Service group via the web form. Be sure to pick the right item from the drop down box for expedited help. Keep in mind that if there is no content and no intent to mislead, there is most likely no infringement.

If you're unable to use our web form, please send your request to terms@twitter.com for help from our Terms of Service group.

Twitter Support

Sadly, I failed. I will be monitoring this issue, will be posting here if I find out more.