Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Elegant LaCie USB drives look like door keys

LaCie announced three new USB drives that look like a door key – LaCie itsaKey, iamaKey and PassKey USB key drives, designed by 5.5 Designers. The itsaKey and iamaKey store up to 8 gigabytes of flash memory.
Alternatively, the PassKey has a built-in microSD card reader, which allows you to use your memory cards but is much ticker and not as sexy. Good if you have phone or phones that use microSD cards. Just one question for RIM: Why the f is the SD card slot under the batter?

“Following the popularity and usefulness of flash memory today, LaCie merged the ubiquitous USB interface with a very mobile and convenient form factor, a key that you always carry with you,” said Luc Pierart, Business Unit Manager of Peripherals & Accessories. “The LaCie Key products bring ease-of-use to our customers making it easy to access, store, and share large amounts of content on-the-go. After all it’s a Key.”

The LaCie Keys are available now at LaCie Online Store and qualified LaCie Reseller+ and LaCie Corner, also on Amazon UK.

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