Monday, 6 July 2009

BEIKS Keyboard Locker 1.0 for BlackBerry

Recently I've noticed that if I'm on the go, keys on my Curve 8310 get accidentally pressed. I don't use the lether-ish holster because I listen to music and podcasts all the time. The phone can be locked using an icon on the home screen or assigning the locking action to one of the convenience keys, but it's not very handy.

The problem has been solved on the Curve 8900, which has a dedicated keyboard lock key, just above the status led.

If you stuck with an older 83xxn The BEIKS keyboard Locker for BlackBerry is an app that you might consider. Upon installation the application adds a control panel in the Options/Settings application where all other global settings are.

It will automatically lock the keyboard after a period that you can define. The application is free and very straightforward - to give it a go, go to for an OTA installation.

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